Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Steve Forbes

I had the amazing opportunity last week to shoot photos for Senator Inhofe's campaign fundraiser. Steve Forbes was in town as his special guest to draw interest to the two events held in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. They hired me because I was able to shoot the photos and print them on-site for them to sign. The first event was a luncheon in Tulsa at the Travis Mansion. Many supporters of Senator Inhofe and those interested in hearing Steve Forbes speak were in attendance, including Senator Tom Coburn and former Senator Don Nickles. The second event was held at the private residence of Harold Hamm in Nichols Hills. Michael Thomas of HSS Vision assisted me in the printing and technical process for both events. I am looking forward to doing more photography for Senator Inhofe and his campaign. 

Senator Inhofe approving this message by Steve Forbes
Cool shot of Senator Tom Coburn
Mr. Forbes and me shaking on it