Friday, September 12, 2008

President Bush In Oklahoma City

President George W. Bush was in Oklahoma City today. I only told a hand full of you that I was going to be documenting the entire event. I have been extremely fortunate to know the great people at Public Issue Advisers and have been given the opportunity to photograph several political events for them over the past year. Some of the names you may recognize are Steve Forbes, J.C. Watts, Jim Inhofe, Mary Fallin, Michael Steele, and others. Today was crazy though! I got to meet the President and photograph him as he met with a few hundred McCain supporters here in Oklahoma City. This wealthy crowd was paying up to $25,000 each to have their photo made with the President and have a short discussion with him. One of the coolest parts was that besides myself and the photographer from Washington D.C., we were the only professional photographers invited. The press had to get distant shots of the house from Sooner Rd. The event was hosted at the amazing house of John D. Cresap. You have to see this place. I will post many more photos later. I just wanted to share a couple of moments with you.

I feel like I was being told to go to my room in this photo!
This was a moment I will never forget. President Bush was signing a program for a boy who was standing next to me named Samuel. The couple standing next to Samuel was anxious to get a photo with the President. He heard their excitement and looked at me and said, "Aaron, give me your camera". At first I was confused. Then he said it again and grabbed the camera out of my hands. You can see below that he accidentally took a photo of himself while grabbing it out of my hands. He then gave it to the secret service man behind him and we got the resulting photo. The President of the United States took a photo with my camera! How cool is that!

All of the images from this event can be seen HERE

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