Friday, May 1, 2009

New Studio!

It is a very exciting time in my life right now. Today, May 1, 2009, we are officially leasing our own studio gallery in the downtown Oklahoma City area. Aaron Snow Photography and Carl Zoch Photography will be sharing this amazing, one of a kind, studio space to work and meet with our clients. The studio is located on the corner of NE 3rd and Oklahoma Ave. It is just north of bricktown and a few blocks east of downtown OKC. We totally lucked out on this location! I was afraid to spread the news too early because I thought it was too good to be true! We will be the only retail space located within the Brownstones at Maywood Park. Those condos down there are absolutely awesome! Our landlord has been great so far with hooking us up with whatever we wanted to make our space stand out from all the rest. We will be painting and refinishing the concrete floors over the next week or so and will let everyone know when we will be having a grand open house! Stay tuned for that. There is a tour of homes tomorrow, Saturday, May 2nd from noon to 5:00 p.m. The tour covers all of the new living areas in the downtown and bricktown areas. You can find more info HERE. Carl and I both have weddings tomorrow, but check out the self guided tour and stop by to take a look at what we are working on. Thank you to all my amazing clients over the years and to my wonderful family for supporting me through all of this. I am truly living my dream!

Check out our view from our studio! Its insane! We even have our own lawn with a funky sculpture in it. 

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