Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This past weekend was a blast. I had a few shoots in Dallas. One was an engagement shoot which I will post soon and the other was a fashion/lifestyle shoot with the amazingly beautiful Heylee Dawson. She was such a sport, considering it was nearly 100 degrees during the entire shoot. Luckily I had a crew with me or else I would have gotten lost or overheated and died. My very good friends Brad and Ashley Cunningham, my wife Jennifer Snow, and the infamous Hank the dog all made Heylee's shoot possible! We would shoot for a few minutes, cool off in the VW, change outfits, and then shoot some more. I think Heylee really rocked this shoot. I would like to hear everyones comments. If you are friends of Heylee, give extra shoutouts!! We found some really cool spots in Dallas, so I am really pumped about going back and trying some that we didn't get to use.  

Brad Cunningham is everywhere! No sweat!

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