Friday, July 11, 2008

Sharp Shooter

Today, my good friend Jeremy and I got the urge to get out and do a fun experimental photo shoot. We grabbed a few props to take, and set out to do something a little different. I have been wanting to do some flash photography during the day to give it that cool fashion effect, and what we got when we got back and started messing with the photos in Lightroom turned out really really cool! I didn't do any work on these in Photoshop at all. You might be surprised by that, as am I when I look at them. I used my "300" preset in Lightroom to give it that dark, vintage, feel. You can even see the remote flash I used in his sun glasses. I have one Canon 580 EX flash and one 430EX flash that I put on some light stands. Then I mounted the Canon Speedlight Transmitter ST-E2 to my Canon 5D and started shooting away. There wasn't much direction on the part of posing Jeremy. He's like a cartoon already! All of the shots were done at 100 iso, 1/60, f22. I normally don't get technical at all, actually never, but thought I would share in my excitement. Enjoy! I would love to hear what all of you think! So comment away!

By the way, it was 96 degrees outside when we shot this, so the hat was definitely not for warmth!

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