Monday, December 15, 2008

Man Trip

Last Friday, Josh McCullock, Carl Zoch and I made a quick trip to the mountains of Oklahoma near Lawton to get out of our offices and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. We happened to plan this trip on what turned out to be the best day ever in Oklahoma weather history for the month of December! The skies were amazingly blue and had some cool clouds flying around. Of course Carl brought his longboards. I think I am hooked on them now. As you will see, the scenery was awesome and we got some great shots of each other being complete dorks. Thanks Josh for for putting this video together for everyone to enjoy! Check back soon for some more of the photos from the trip. Josh and Carl will also be posting photos that they took as well, so check out their blogs as well.

tomfoolery from joshmccullock on Vimeo.

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