Thursday, September 3, 2009

Land Rover/Tilt Shift/Studio

Its hard to get work done when you have new toys laying around. I just got two. The first one is my new 24mm tilt shift lens. These are my first attempts at shooting with this lens. Its very tricky, but it puts out a cool effect. I call it the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood effect. Kinda makes the buildings and cars look like the models in that show (Trolley). The other new toy you will notice in the foreground of two of these photos is the Land Rover LR3 HSE. It is AWESOME! I picked it up yesterday in Pryor, Oklahoma and had a great ride back to the city. Its loaded with gadgets and features I don't need, but probably will use! The third thing I want to point out is the studio in the background. We like to call it Brownstone Studios actually. We are located just inside the tall black glass corner of the building. I posted back in May that Carl Zoch and I opened a studio, but have not really put photos of it on the site or blog yet. I will post interior photos at a later date when we get it all set up just like we want it. Its hard to do when you are shooting a wedding or two every weekend. We have loved everything about it so far. The client experience has been great here and we get so much more work done when jamming to music and editing photos on our over sized tables/desks. Stop by to say hi sometime! I love it when my clients stop by. Have a great Thursday!

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